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Air Purifier

Equipped with the patented Daikin’s Streamer Technology, our Air Purifiers can help eliminate Coronavirus and other kinds of viruses, bacteria, and more to make your room have a healthy, clean air.

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Daikin Air Purifiers improve the quality of your air indoors with its advanced technology and ultra quiet operation. Purify the air in your home by eliminating bacteria, airborne particles and odours.

Product Line Up

The New Streamer Air Purifier MC30Y | New Model

Ideal for bedrooms and other small rooms. The sophisticated appearance fits in perfectly with a room’s interior design.

Streamer Air Purifier Humidifying 55 Type

Equipped with Daikin’s Unique Double Method.

Streamer Air Purifier 40 Type.png
Streamer Air Purifier 40 Type

Breathe in the crystal clean air.

Streamer Air Purifier 55 Type.png
Streamer Air Purifier 55 Type

Get twice the air purifying power with Daikin.

Standard Air Purifier 30 Type.png
Standard Air Purifier 30 Type

First choice for crystal clean air at home.

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