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Antipolo Project

Antipolo, Rizal

The client originally requested other brands which he thought was famous in his area. But we; RGCA proposed Daikin brand because we believe on their good quality products and its feature - High Voltage Guard and is using an environmentally friendly refrigerant- R32. RGCA tried to explain the energy efficiency benefits by calculating the electric bill by using CSPF label. The clients were surprised even if the initial cost is not different from other brands, due to good energy efficient models that was tested by DOE.

Daikin's good after sales was also a key factor, since the owner has a bad experience of condensation due to bad quality of piping done by other brand's dealer. We realized that it was one of most important requirements of the owner to purchase a product. Given that RGCA's one key strength is our quality installation work, we explained thoroughly to the client our piping display in the Air Solutions Shop.


Client Name

Home Owner

Equipment Name & Installed Unit Number

FTKM-TVM 3.0 HP x 2 Units
FTKM-TVM 2.0 HP x 1 Unit
FTKM-TVM 1.5 HP x 3 Units
FTKM-TVM 1.0 HP x 2 Units




PDF Download

Please print it in A4 size and use it in as a proposal material for customers

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